Making product analytics
10x easier

Seal helps data-driven product teams streamline product analytics operations, so they can move faster with reliable product decisions.

Figma plugin

Effortless tracking plan curation

Create and discover tracking events right alongside your design in Figma

  • Visually discover existing events for inspiration
  • AI helps create the first draft by automatically suggesting event taxonomies based on your goals
  • Annotate the event on the UI by drag-and-drop
  • Seal - Plan and document your data tracking in Figma | Product Hunt
Try it now πŸ‘‰
Figma extension that annotate tracking details on top of UI design

Chrome Extension

Data tracking QA made easy

Validate your tracking with our user-friendly browser extension

  • Validate and debug tracking events right in your browser with cleanly formatted logs
Try now for free πŸ‘‰
Chrome extension helping people to debug what analytics events fired with Amplitude, Segment, and Mixpanel


Your centralized data tracking plan

Single source of truth for all your tracking events, replacing spreadsheets and scattered docs.

  • Rich contexts including event description, UI screenshots and latest status
  • Keeping activity log and comments makes sure no context is lost
  • Semantic search and filters helps quickly find the event needed
Coming soon
Centralized data tracking plan screenshot

Code generation

Implement tracking in a breeze

Fast, hassle-free implementation with our dev tools

  • Developers get auto-generated tracking code based on your client and analytics platform
  • One click to update the implementation status so all your team members stay aligned
Coming soon
Show auto-generated, ready-to-use tracking code according to each platform, like Amplitude
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